Gharqad Tree, Israel - Pohon Gharqad, Israel (Courtesy Picture: Steemit)
Pohon Gharqad, Israel
December 9, 2019 - Twizel, Canterbury – New Zealand (Courtesy Picture:
Twizel, Canterbury – New Zealand
December 16, 2019

The Gharqad Tree grows in the Palestinian and Israeli regions. In history, it was explained that this tree is the place where Jews will hide from the pursuit of Muslims.

Fact: Palestinian land has been planted with 220 million Gharqad Tree trunks. Uniquely and seriously, the Zionists also advertised on the site that anyone could buy the Gharqad Tree via online and then donate it to Israel to plant it in the Land of Palestine.

“The Day of Resurrection will not happen until the Muslims are fighting the Jews. They are attacked by Muslims to hide behind rocks and trees. However, rocks and plants will say, ‘O Muslims, O God’s servant, behind me there are Jews. Come and kill him. ‘Except the Gharqad Tree. For, Gharqad Tree is a tree of Jews.” Prophet Muhammad hadith from Imam Muslim in Shahih Jami’ Ash-Shaghir No. 7427.


  1. The eternal hostility between Islam and Jews.
  2. The divine power is only for a moment while the power of truth is until the Day of Judgment.
  3. Believers must always be sure of Allah’s help.
  4. The Jews also recognized the truth of the words of the Prophet Muhammad.

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